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Dark Matter

ISBN: 9780340822739
Geschreven door: Greg Iles

For nearly fifty years the Holy Grail of Artificial intelligence has been to create a super computer that can think like the human brain. Has that time finally come? David Tenant knows everything there is to know about the project named Trinity. He knows of the advantages that it can bring to the world, but he's also seen the side effects that the research has had on those involved - including himself. But there are some who don't appreciate opposition and they will stop at nothing, including murder, to allow the project to continue. Suddenly David finds himself a hunted man, trying to keep his life intact whilst fighting his own demons. What follows is a desperate and fascinating game of psychological brinkmanship between Tenant and the Trinity computer. Is the situation unlovable? The new Greg Iles will stun every reader that dares to turn the page.
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