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Coming Home to Island House

ISBN: 9781409159612
Geschreven door: Erica James

From Erica James, bestselling author of Summer at the Lake, comes an enchanting tale of one family coming together and finding their way. It's the summer of 1939, and after touring an unsettled Europe to promote her latest book, Romily Temple returns home to Island House and the love of her life, the charismatic Jack Devereux. But when Jack falls ill, his estranged family are called home and given seven days to find a way to bury their resentments and come together. With war now declared, each member of the family is reluctantly forced to accept their new stepmother and confront their own shortcomings. But can the habits of a lifetime be changed in one week? And can Romily, a woman who thrives on adventure, cope with the life that has been so unexpectedly thrust upon her? Readers are captivated by Coming Home to Island House: 'Erica James at her very best...a fulfilling, hugely enjoyable read' 'This book felt like a luxurious treat' 'A wonderful thread of love, grace, loss and forgiveness... Highly recommended' 'One of those glorious stories where you don't want to put the book down!' 'I feel completely in love with all aspects of this books - the characters, the setting and the writing. I absolutely adored it' 'A captivating and thoroughly enjoyable read. If you enjoy superbly written character-driven stories this this one is a must-read' 'A beautiful story about family and friendship...a gorgeous heartwarming style'

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