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ISBN: 9780141021966
Geschreven door: Jonathan Kellerman

Where there is life there is devotion. Where there is death there is obsession . . . Patty Bigelow thought she'd finally figured life out. Then her wayward sister abandons her child, Tanya, on Patty's doorstep. The aunt and troubled niece slowly learn to live together, with the help of Dr Alex Delaware's counselling. Now, fifteen years later, Tanya is back in Alex's office, a self-possessed Harvard student, about to enter graduate school in clinical psychology. Patty - the only real mother she's ever known - has died and left Tanya a chilling legacy: a deathbed confession of murder committed years earlier. Tanya can't forget the confession and she needs Alex's help to discover the truth for herself. Unfortunately, someone else will go to any length to ensure the truth remains as dead and buried as Patty . . . 'Labyrinthine twists, excellent pacing, and hard-boiled, swaggering dialogue' WASHINGTON POST Find out more about Jonathan and his books at
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